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Collaborative Composition


This free iBook shows a method of teaching composition to junior high school students using technology and collaboration.

Basic Audio Mixing Techniques

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 9.49.36 PM.png

A quick guide to basic mixing techniques for teachers, students and podcasters.

It provides concise and effective techniques for improving the quality of any audio that you record. Great for teachers teaching the Performing Arts Technology or Music Technology Unit Standards.

From Music to Notation

From Music To Notation_By Duncan Ferguso

This a fantastic resource for those students that don't have strong theory/notation skills but want to learn how to produce scores and lead sheets.

Using technology students are shown how to convert audio and MIDI recordings into professional looking scores.

Exemplar for Achievement Standard 91422

Analyse a substantial music work

3.7 Analysis

NZQA have recently released a task for this Achievement Standard here:

This free exemplar has been created to support resource 3.7B "Eminem-esque".

It is an analysis of the Big Band Jazz piece "Zeno" by Darcy James Argue. You can download/stream this MP3 here, and you can download a free copy of his score here (these are also included in the download link for the whole package). Please visit the website for the Darcy James Argue material, as there is a lot of great music and scores which you can purchase band parts for.

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