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Here is the first of a series of resources we are creating for the new NCEA 1.1 "Use Music Skills in Music Style".

This is an ear training resource with the following features:

  • a 15-week course taking students through a scaffolded approach learning the concert F blues and D blues scales by ear and playing back one, two and four bar phrases in call and response on their instrument.
  • Three mini-assignments where students need to transcribe one chorus of a 12-bar blues. These have been recorded on alto sax, tenor sax, trombone, trumpet, violin, flute, piano, guitar and bass by some of Christchurch's top jazz musicians.
  • A major assessment (suitable for NCEA 1.1) where students will transcribe and perform three choruses of a blues played on a variety of instruments (they can choose the instrument they are most familiar with).
  • A five week additional course on improvisation learning 10 classic blues 'licks' in three keys. This can also be used for assessment with NCEA 1.1 if ākonga and kaiako would prefer to spend time on improvisation rather than aural for this standard.
  • A 'flipped learning' approach appropriate for motivated students that want to push ahead, and for distance and 'lock down' learning. Each week has three lessons which should take students 15-20 minutes each time. Ideally, lessons 1 and 3 of each week will be in class with ākonga working together, with lesson 2 done at home.


Free updates to the workbook and assessment tasks will be provided for two years as the NCEA 'refresh' is rolled out (no doubt with minor changes still to come).

Transcription Studio: Jazz

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