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This resource is designed to teach students all the skills necessary for the "Beats Recreation" NZQA assessment task for NCEA 1.1 (91948) "Use music skills in a music style".


Topics covered:

  • Aural transcription (recognising and recreating the most common chord progressions and most common drum beats in modern pop/rock/EDM music)
  • Recreating synth sounds
  • Recreating classic guitar sounds
  • Basic mixing skills to make tracks sound like the recording


This resource will consist of a series of videos accompanied by a workbook with tasks to complete in a DAW. The majority of the techniques demonstrating in the 're-creation' will be in the free/low cost online DAW Soundtrap.


This resource is perfect for those students who want to devleop music skills in areas other than notation/theory/conducting or aural which are catered for in our other resources. This is also particuarly useful for the singers in your class who will want to learn how to create high quality tracks for as part of the songwriting process.

Producing Tracks

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