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This course teaches students how to run recording sessions or setup for a live gig, mix audio and apply knowledge of sound theories to improve the quality of their productions for assessing within the 28007 Unit Standard. It ties in perfectly with Project Based Learning (such as students composing their own album of material, composing for film projects, or mixing sound for school shows).


This standard is worth six credits, contributes to course endorsement and is available for STAR funding for NZ State Schools.


The student pdf workbook is divided up into weekly lessons. Each lesson is accompanied by a tutorial video explaining a key concept and a series of revision quizzes.


Teachers are provided with assessment tasks and assessment schedules covering all the necessary aspects of the Unit Standard.


To download a sample from the Level 2 version of this course please click here.


Prices shown are excl GST for New Zealand customers. Tax will be calculated at checkout.


Please note, these resources have been developed for 28007 version 3 and 4. This version was due to expire at the end of 2022 and be replaced by two standards 32374 and 32375. However, these standards cater for music technology in a music theatre context at the expense of other contexts that have worked well in high school music departments (such as a recording context or a live gig/rock concert/rehearsal).


As a result of petitions to Toi Mai and NZQA that we organised we are pleased to announce that 28007 v3 and v4 have now been retained until at least December 31, 2026. This hopefully allows time for the skills taught as part of this package of work to be incorporated with the new NCEA system being developed. It is likely that Toi Mai and NZQA will release a new version number (probably 28007 v5) for the extended standard. Our customers will recieve free updates and info.


You can find the different versions of this Unit Standard here:

Flipped Classroom SOND 3 - 28007

$269.00 Regular Price
$201.75Sale Price
  • 28007 (SOND 3) - Select and apply a range of processes to enhance sound in a performance context.

    • Level: 3
    • Credits: 6
    • Flipped Classroom learning - students learn all the required info at a pace that suits them.
    • Teachers have security knowing this course provides their students with all the information required for completion of this Unit Standard.
    • Great for Project Based Learning and compliments the performance and composition Achievement Standards.


    This package contains all the information you need to teach all aspects of the Standard along with assessment tasks, guidelines and schedules.  All assessment resources meet all NZQA moderation requirements.

    More information about this Unit Standard can be found here.

    This Unit Standard can contribute towards NCEA Course Endoresment and is available for A/M/E grades.

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