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We are very proud to release our new eBook on Songwriting.


Written specifically for New Zealand high school teachers and students, this pdf and video resource gives you lots of ideas for the conception, refinement and production stages of the songwriting process.


This resource contains in depth discussion and exercises for lyrics writing, chordal development, textural and timbral writing, music production as well as assessment resources for NCEA Achievement Standard 91849 - Compose three original songs that express imaginative thinking. However, this resource is not just for level 3 music students, it has been written generically so that songwriters of any age or stage will find it useful.


As NCEA is currently being revised by NZQA free updates to the assessment section will be provided for free up until the end of 2022 as NZQA releases information about the restructuring. 


Every chapter in this eBook has a video where top young songwriters are interviewed about their songwriting process. All the songwriters are working at a level above the NCEA assessment requirements and all have developed their unique approach to songwriting that has been hugely successful.


Purchasing this eBook gives you a licence to print as many copies as you want, for as many years as you want, within your school only.


Here is some of the feedback we have had since release:


"It's a bloody fantastic e-book!!" - Mike Chunn


"... this is a most comprehensive and logically organised songwriting course (let's be honest, it's more than just a book). There are plenty of ideas to allow student songwriters to unblock their creative processes, including a range of really inspirational videos of young songwriters unpacking their craft". - Delysse Glynn (National Moderator, NZQA).


“The skill of songwriting is a beautiful one to learn. The Songwriting Resource from Learning Ideas provides students with the tools to create their own art and encourage their creative flow. It caters towards all areas of songwriting, including classical compositions. The E-Book ensures the students fully understand the skill of songwriting in the music theory section, which explains why a chord progression may work with a melody, and how to create your own. As a songwriter myself, there are many thought-provoking exercises in this resource that have influenced my writing, and I would definitely recommend it to young musicians.”  - Maryanne Leigh (Baradene College student who has been on the Lion Foundation Play It Strange album twice).


Teachers/schools can order at checkout by providing an order number in the notes/comments section. Individuals need to order using the Paypal/Credit Card option.


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