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A course in orchestration/instrumentation that New Zealand teachers can use for Level 2 Achievement Standard 91273 - Develop an instrumentation for an ensemble.

However, any teachers or students interested in orchestration and sequencing will find this resource really valuable.

This resource consists of 18 lessons where Duncan explains the principles of orchestration. Through video demonstrations and workbook exercises, students are able to work at their own pace as the learn about how instruments work, and how they work together.

Rather than just being another 'dry' resource on orchestration, Duncan also incorporates technology through using sequencers and sample libraries to demonstrate how to make their orchestrations sound realistic (more so than what is possible with Sibelius, Musescore or other notation applications). However, this is optional and not a requirement for getting a huge amount out of this resource.

This resource is presented in the 'flipped classroom' format.


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Teachers can view a sample of the workbook here


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Orchestration & Sequencing

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