NZQA are about to release updates to their MIDI sequencing and Notation unit standards. These are greatly improved and have greater relevance to modern industry standards. They will work in very well with students composing using MIDI as part of project based learning.


We are currently in development with these resources and will have them released at the same time NZQA officially releases the unit standards. They will consist of workbook and video tutorials with sample tasks, exemplars and assessment schedules. Students will be able to learn how to do MIDI sequencing in the classroom setting or by themselves in a 'flipped classroom' format. Where possible, we will use free cross-platform software in all our demonstrations, while at the at the same time demonstrating how higher end software such as Studio One and Logic Pro can enable the creation of more effective and realistic sounding MIDI sequences.


These resources are now available for pre-order. 


Please note, this is just for the new MIDI sequencing standard and does not including teaching and assessment resources for the new notation unit standard. We will release support materials for those for free at some stage in 2021.

Music Technology Flipped Classroom - MIDI SEQUENCING LEVEL 1