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Exams for 91420 (Aural), 91421 (Harmony) and 91423 (Examine context).


These are written according to NCEA specifications and are based upon the 2022 NZQA exams structure.


These exams contain all new material, specifically created and composed for 2023 NCEA specifications.


As schools are not allowed to use previous NZQA exams to generate derived grades, these exams have been provided to New Zealand teachers to ensure they have valid derived grades for their students prior to the NZQA external exams.


Provided are PDF question books, answer schedules and MP3's (where appropriate).  You may print as many question books as you want for use within the school purchasing this resource.


Please note, these resources are only available to schools who provide a school order number.  To ensure the security of these exams for generating derived grades these exams are NOT for sale to the general public, only to New Zealand and overseas schools.


Prices shown are excl GST for New Zealand customers. Tax will be calculated at checkout.

Level 3 Exam Pack - 2023

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