This course takes students through learning about how to use MIDI sequencing applications (such as Garageband, Studio One) and notation applications (such as Sibelius and Musescore) for assessing in Unit Standard 27658 (at level two standard).


This standard is worth four credits at level two and contributes to course endorsement. Students that compose in a DAW such as Garageband, or within a notation application such as Sibelius, are able to get this Unit Standard as part of their compositions.


The student pdf workbook is divided up into weekly lessons. Each lesson is accompanied by a tutorial video explaining a key concept and a series of revision quizzes.


Teachers are provided with assessment tasks and assessment schedules covering all the necessary aspects of the Unit Standard.


As a bonus, we will also include a FREE guide on how to learn about and research for MUSTEC 2 - 27657 Demonstrate knowledge of the development and usage of music technology equipment and techniques.


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The content of this workbook is updated and revised from previous Learning Ideas Ltd MUSTEC 3 US 27658 workbooks so if you have previously purchased our Music Technology resources please email for a quote on upgrade pricing.


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Please note, NZQA will soon be releasing a replacement to this Unit Standard but New Zealand teachers will still be able to offer this Unit Standard up until the start of 2023.

Flipped Classroom Level 2 MIDI (US 27658)

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  • 27658 (MUSTEC 3) - Demonstrate and apply knowledge of electronic music production and music notation application(s)

    • Level: 2
    • Credits: 4
    • Flipped Classroom learning - students learn all the required info at a pace that suits them.
    • Teachers have security knowing this course provides their students with all the information required for completion of this Unit Standard.
    • Great for Project Based Learning and compliments the performance and composition Achievement Standards.

    These Unit Standards can contribute towards NCEA Course Endoresment and is available for A/M/E grades.